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Can Wear Eye Glasses Cause Dark Circles under Eyes?

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Do you notice that people who wear eye glasses tend to have dark circles under eyes?

I do notice though. I’m not sure whether you can feel it if you are wearing glasses but I can always feels the pressure of the glasses sitting on the bone between inner corner of my eyes and the nose. If I take out the glasses, I can see the “knots” leaving some deep footprints around. As the matter of fact, I frequently visit the optical shop just to adjust the “knots” until I’m sure that the “knots” are well balance of the glasses weight themselves.


However, back to our question “Can Wearing Glasses Really Causes Dark Circles Under Eye? “

Frankly, I can’t give you an answer with 100% accuracy, but I do have a friend that used to have dark circles under eye. But after she start using contact lenses few years ago, her dark circles surprising disappeared.

Weird huh?

Oh.. by the way she like to eat chicken or pork liver a lot. Probably the iron in those livers had helped her along.

I hope you get something out of here. :)

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    2 Responses to “Can Wear Eye Glasses Cause Dark Circles under Eyes?”

    1. melissa Says:


      i was looking up almond oil and just happened to come accross a post that you made about dark circles. I have them like many other people and i have been on an endless search for anything that might make them away. A year ago or so when i finally registered for classes after 10 am i noticed a slight difference in the shade of my dark circles but nothing too great.
      Have you tried dove eye brightening eye cream, i used it a couple months ago to the point that i ran out and when i tried to rebuy it i couldn’t find it where i was at but they still sell it. Anyway i don’t know if it was only wishful thinking but i think it made a tiny difference. Oh and it’s also rather cheap no more than 10 dollars, you can go to makeupalley.com and check other people’s review.

    2. mydarkcirclesblog Says:

      Hi melissa,

      Currently I’m using Arbonne Nutrimin C RE9 eye cream and I hope to post my progress next week.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

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