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How Much Does Dark Circles Under Eye Surgery Cost?

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Some blog readers have sent me emails asking about the price for dark circles under eye surgery. As I’m quite interested in this topic also, so I thought I might as well figured it out too.

It seems that there are quite a number of dark circles under eye surgeries (e.g. blepharoplasty, fat transplantation and etc) available in the market.

However if you visit the surgeon’s web sites, most of the time they do not reveal how much is the surgery cost, but you can get it upon request.

Here I’ve included some of the charges that might involve:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Cost of operating facility and supplies
  • Cost of anesthesia
  • Laboratory and X-ray studies


A rough estimation of surgeon’s fees would be around USD 3000. However please note that costs and fees may differ from region to region.

It is advisable to do your homework and perform extensive research on this topic. (There are your eyes duh?) Choose a surgeon based on skills, reputation, experience and training and not just about the cost.

I hope you get the basic ideas.


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    13 Responses to “How Much Does Dark Circles Under Eye Surgery Cost?”

    1. catherine Says:

      Wow.. I don’t think that my hubby willing to pay it for me!

    2. LM Says:

      Catherine, it’s well-worth it!

    3. Gareth Says:

      Hello all.Fantatic blog by the way.
      I have ben searching for a cure for my under eye circles now for the past 3 years but to no avail. It’s really geting me down as there’s not a day that goes by without someone asking if I’m sick or not due to the tired looking eyes!
      Has anyone here had the surgery done by dr seckel? Why is it that he seems to be the only surgeon (that I know of) who can perform such an operation? I live in the UK and haven’t found anyone willing to perform surgery here. The states is a long way for me to travel if I’m not satisfied with what’s on offer.
      Anyway, any comments would be much appreciated

    4. Shereen Says:

      I was told by a plastic surgeon – who preforms Dark Circles/Under Eye Surgery – that there is no point to get this procedure done. The results are very minimal and not worth the price tag. He suggested the use of creams, gels, and really good concealers! Don’t waste your money girls (and guys).

    5. bill Says:

      id be willing to give anything for the removal of my black eyes, i get called a heroin addict, i feel down about them, works been asking if i have drug isssues, wen im absoulutly fine, i just have really , really bad black circles round ym eyes, i need some help if anyone can help, i live the same lifestyle as my freinds and his eyes look fine, i dont know what to do anymore?

    6. Chris Says:

      Hi. I’ve got the same problem. Terrible circles under eyes. They are much worst than those I’ve seen on many websites. I was always asked by people if I’m taking drugs, or haven’t sleep at night. Doctors where always asking if everything’s OK with my health. When my vision got worst, I bought glasses, and that simmed to help obscured my circles a little. I also bought a Helena Rubinstein concealer. it helped conceal them a little, but still there’s a lot to be desired. what else i can do?
      surgery can not be done because I live in Poland – never heard about such surgeries in my country. besides it’s way to expensive.
      do you know some better concealers then Helena Rubinstein?
      or is there any cream that really works?

    7. James Says:

      Hi.I also have really bad dark circles under my eyes and they really get me down.Ive been looking for a way to get rid of them and have tried alot of the home remedies but nothing seems to work.Im abit wary of spending money on creams and gels because they can claim they do something when they don’t do anything.Im considering surgery now which is something i thought i would never do.Ive heard of a new treatment called Carboxy therapy which claims to reduce dark circles.Its done by injection and costs alot less than surgery.Has anyone else heard of this procedure or had it done?

    8. sarah Says:


      I’ve also got really bad dark circles around my eyes which get me really down. I am at the point where i will not leave the house wihtout make up. I’m not indian but they are the type of dark circles that are found on indian skin. I have heard about carbxytherapy laser but not heard much about it with regards to dark circles. Fraxel is a laser i’m looking into. it claims to thicken skin eyeid skin gradually over period of time but means that blood vesels, muscle etc doesn’t show through as much. Also Ipl can reduce pigmentation round the eyes too. I’m sick of being told that there’s nothing i can do., i ‘m not gonna accept it.

    9. linda Says:

      im a black circle victim as well and im only 22 years old . there are so many products for under eye circles, which is the best one? i have been trying to research different products and home remedies to cure black circles ; which one to believe. there are even free trails, but what if those free products mess my circles more than they already are? this is so over whelming ,can’t there just be like 3 or 4 main products out there.
      hopeful but not quitting ;)

    10. Monica Says:

      I have the same terrible problem with dark circles around my eyes. I tried spoons that I put in the fridge,but nothing seems to help. I am 46 years old and people called me aunt and some even granny. One of my sisters have the same problem People always think I am the older sister in the family when I am with my sisters. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    11. Ali Says:

      Hi everyone, I have had the fat grafting treatments by a doctor in LA named Dr. Svehlak. I’ve had the procedure done 3 times, each a year apart, with the first being the most aggressive. Each time, the slight bruising cleared up in a few days, so I didn’t miss much work.
      It cost between 2000 and 2500 each time. It costs less if you don’t need to be under anesthesia.

      It changed my life completely. I too had people asking if I’d been punched, on drugs, etc. because my dark circles were SO bad. I would sit in my car and cry before work, and make up was a joke.

      I’m a real person, who found the answer. I’m not kidding, to all you people out there that have this problem, I want you to know that I understand that there is nothing that destroys your life like getting down on yourself. I searched; i tried lasers, creams, everything, for YEARS. And fat grafting is the only thing that worked. I had to work to save the money, but money is nothing compared to waking up, looking in the mirror, and loving myself again.
      Also, it’s been 3 1/2 years since my last procedure, and the dark circles have remained gone. Lots of love to all of you out there!

    12. Tasha Says:

      I’ve suffered from very dark circles for more than 20 years, since I had a car accident and broke my cheekbone. I had black eyes from the accident and somehow they just never got better. I’ve been told that you can get a kind of staining from blood, a bit like a bruise that doesn’t go away. In which case there is not much that can be done. I’ve tried just about every cream made, including Teamine, which is pretty expensive and supposedly one of the best…unfortunately it did nothing.
      I have to wear concealer every day which sits in the natural creases and make me look wrinkled….I can’t win!
      I’m going to see a nurse this week that apparently has an injectable that can help, not sure what it is yet but I’ve heard from another specialist that it’s a good remedy.
      Fingers crossed!

    13. Chris Says:

      Hi. It’s almost 2 years since I’ve been on that blog for the last time. What Ali said is really encouraging, but still – expensive, and for middle class people living outside USA thoroughly unavailable (price + long distance). The way I treat my under eyes circles right now, and I do that for more than 3 years now, is concealer + glasses (I don’t mean sunglasses). even if glasses doesn’t obscure your eyes that much, they take the attention out of your dark circles. So I encourage you to try that.

      I’ve got one more idea, which I don’t know if it can be possible. In the movie business they’ve got some characterizers, who do a lot of make ups and even give actors new faces. For example, “The Jackass” movie, where they were disguised as an old people. So maybe there is a passability to cover dark circles with some kind of artificial texture, whatever they use. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it may be possible to do. Think about it and write your conclusions.

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