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Natural Ways to Reduce Dark Eyes Circles

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I’m quite surprise that many people who have dark circles under eyes are keen on finding the natural ways to reduce dark circles despite there are hundreds of different eye creams available in the stores right now.

Is it because they are the inexpensive ways of getting rid of dark circles?

Let’s see. Most of the ingredients for the home remedies / treatments are lemon, tomato, cucumber, honey, milk, turmeric powder and tea bag. OK, these are quite cheap compare to eye creams and easy to get too. (you can find most of them in your kitchen or probably you can always “borrow” them from your neighbors.) *smile*


yellow lemon

If you want, you can check out some of my posts on home remedies:

If you are talking about natural ways such as increase nutrients intake or food elimination, cost might not be the factor, but the time. You might need to spend some time to consult your doctor and do some research on the “actions” that you plan to take.

And finally you plan to try methods that involve massage and exercise, you can try out yoga, Hellerwork or colon cleanse. Some cost might be involved.

I hope you will find your choice of natural ways to reduce dark circles under eye.

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  • If you want to know who else have dark circles like yours and want some advice, come and join the forum here. :)

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    14 Responses to “Natural Ways to Reduce Dark Eyes Circles”

    1. Frances Says:

      I don’t like to put any sort of chemical into my body or onto my skin, that’s why I prefer natural remedies. I worry about the chemicals they put into over the counter cosmetics.

    2. High on health » Blog Archive » Natural ways to reduce dark eyes circles Says:

      [...] My Dark Circles Blog http://www.mydarkcirclesblog.com/2007/01/16/ natural-ways-to-reduce-dark-eyes-circles/ [...]

    3. Scary Blepharoplasty Laser Eye Lid Surgery! | My Dark Circles Blog Says:

      [...] Watch this video only if you DARE! If you are like me, never ride on a roller coaster before or hate watching scary movie like the final destination; let me suggest you to read an article about natural remedies of dark circles here. [...]

    4. Michelle - my yoga online Says:

      I so agree about chemicals in skincare – plus, they often smell full of off-putting perfumes, and I actually do not believe that they work. I think something like dark circles cannot be treated effectively by using external creams, not matter how much they cost.

      I also added a link on my site to ‘Skin Deep’ – a website that tells you exactly what the content in various products are – you can enter the product in question into a search engine and it gives you the stats on whats inside.

    5. Vanmiracle Says:

      I had dark circles since I was 15 and tried all kinds of creams and concealers. They work great for covering but I never found a product in 20 years thats magic enough to make the dark rings fade. When I started to try alternative medicine and visited homoeopaths, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicin), and some others … all told me that the dark circles come from the kidney. And if I am not suffering from a kidney disease (which I never did) than is the reason that I don’t drink enough or the wrong things.
      I can see it on days when I drink too much coffee and less water. Try it about one week and you will definitly see the results in your mirror.
      Sleeping min. 6 hours and drinking 3 litres of water or tea makes the dark circles fade away in few days.

    6. mydarkcirclesblog Says:

      hi Vanmiracle, thanks for dropping by. I seldom drink coffee but I think I rarely drink enough water as well. I only drink when I feel thirsty. Many people have warn me about this including my grandma :)

      A skin care specialist and nutritionist once told me that the pores around my nose are a bit large and the reason is because of dehydrating. The only way to make the pores smaller is to keep it moisturize ( either by drinking a lot more water or using more moisture cream. )

      I will definitely try to drink more water if drinking more water help in your case. :) But I’m curious one matter as well – my younger sister drink tons on water and eat fruits everyday, yet she still have dark circles ( of coz her dark circles are not as serious as mine ) . But that might due to her late night sleeping habit..

    7. Steve Says:

      For dark circles around the eyes, drink two glasses of cranberry juice a day, for about a week ( make sure it’s a nice concentrated quality). you’ll be amazed at the results.

    8. mydarkcirclesblog Says:

      hi steve, thanks for the tips! are you getting good results with it? :)

    9. Steve Says:

      I’ve tried a lot of stuff, and this is by far the best. give it a try you’ll be surprised.

    10. mydarkcirclesblog Says:

      I bought a bottle cranberry juice today and hopefully I can see the difference in 2 weeks! :) This is the one that I bought http://www.amazon.com/Lakewood-Organic-PURE-Cranberry-Juice/dp/B0000ZSH9Q/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&s=gourmet-food&qid=1214565354&sr=8-17
      I’ve been planning for vegetable juicing.. probably can mix them together! :P

    11. mydarkcirclesblog Says:

      Oh… and it’s actually much cheaper here – MYR46 almost equal to USD14.83..

    12. Iki Says:


      I’ve been reading about treatments for dark circles on the web and found this webiste:


      It is about a method called CARBOXYTHERAPY to treat primarily cellulite, located fat deposits, stretch marks and surprisingly dark circles. I have not tried it, but was wondering if you had more information about its effectiveness.

      I’ve had dark circles under my eyes ever since I can remember. I believe the cause is a combination of thin skin under my eyes and hereditary. I would be willing to try this treatment but I havent heard much about it and was wondering if you have.


    13. mydarkcirclesblog Says:

      hi Iki,

      I’ve not heard of this treatment and I will try to find out more about it.. If you have few minutes, you can probably contact dr. seckel – a surgeon (saveyourface.com) for more information.. :)

    14. john Says:

      Did the Carboxytherapy in NY at Precision Aesthetics for dark eye circles, it helped a lot but it was a few treatments and it was $250 a treatment

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